About Us

We are a couple of good friends who are dedicated in telling the world that Asia is THE place to come and seek medical help. Asia has many things to offer to the world, we simply want to tell people WHY.

We have strong research materials on Asia’s medical tourism and we are constantly updating our information database. We know where to get the best medical help and how to go about it.

On top of that, we also happen to know where are the best beaches here in Asia to recuperate after a surgery.

So what are you waiting for? Come to Asia if you are seeking medical treatment, get well, and take back some beautiful holiday memories at the same time.


5 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Lauren Hasha Says:


    I appreciated the information I found on your page (https://asiameditour.wordpress.com/).

    I believe that by providing information such as this, we are helping to educate those who may be interested in seeking medical tourism for themselves.

    Have you considered linking this page to other sources of information pertaining to medical tourism? What are your thoughts?


    Lauren Hasha

  2. Thomas Says:

    Fully agree with you. I am from Europe and I want that health services there improve to the levels we have here in Asia. In the mid-term I think that competition from Asia will help us – it is needed. Until things improve back home in terms of service levels and prices I will be happily enjoying the first rate service available in this part of the world. Greetings, Thomas.

  3. Medical World Says:

    Thanks for highlighting Asia as the global medical tourism destination . In this connection we would also like to state the enormous potentials of India to attract bulk of patients from Western countries not only for cost-effective and quality treatment but also for a memorable and incredible tour of India’s rich heritage spots.

    We, Medical World , the pioneer medical tourism organization of Kolkata (India) ,wish you success in your endevour . For any query regarding medical treatment in India , feel free to contact us at info@medicalworld.co.in.

    Mainak Biswas.
    Medical World

  4. Francis Youett Says:

    Pattaya Royal Beauty Clinic
    Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

    Our clinic offers many surgical procedures provided from a professional team, headed by Dr. Tongsuk who has over 20 years of experience and one of the leading and well-known plastic surgeons in Thailand using up-to-date surgical techniques e.g. total facelift as an OPD day case.
    Our services include:
    • Every initial consultation in our clinic is free of charge.
    • All major operations are performed at a luxurious private hospital.
    • Full English and German speaking services.
    • The “all-inclusive” surgical procedures are offered at affordable and competitive prices.
    Location: Soi Town in Town – Central Pattaya.
    For further information or any enquiries please contact:
    Tel.: 038-410062, Mobile: 0816688220
    E-mail: dr.tongsuk@prbclinic.com or our Website: http://www.prbclinic.com

  5. All Pattaya Says:

    Pattaya hosts several contemporary attractions that keep visitors entertained. Some of these sights are Underwater World, a marine aquarium; the Museum of Bottle art, displaying miniature art such as Dutch windmills and Thai temples, all within glass bottles

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