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Agencies With A Cause

March 20, 2006

You have tour agencies, adventure tour agencies, dating tour agencies and now you have medical tour agencies.

As the name suggest, they cater especially for medical tourists going on a vacation inclusive of their choice of medical treatment.

However, there are not many of these agencies around, and it still remains a very specialized field. But check in your local yellow pages, you might just find a listing or two. They could be a stand alone medical tourism agency, or an in-hospital department that caters solely to international patients.But more about what these agencies can help you with.

They provide pre-consultation, a comprehensive range of services and hospitals for patients to make their choices. They also ensure that accompanying family members are taken care of. They will also help you in your travel arrangements, including accommodation booking and visa applications and planning your sight-seeing activities.

Trained staff are there to answer questions, set up appointments and referrals to doctors, as well as arrange for any transportations services. They also help with information about the country including interpretation and airport transfers.

When you do come across a medical tourism agency that you like to try, find out exactly what kind of services are provided by these agencies as they may differ individually.   



Why are medical tourists coming to Asia?

March 16, 2006

Simple, its cheaper! Much cheaper!

This is the main pull factor that medical tourists are thronging into hospitals here in Asia. Just think, cost of a treatment for example a heart bypass would cost only a fraction of the price one has to pay for treatment in the United States. You would probably have to fork out close to US$80,000 while you only need to pay about US$10,000 here in Asia.

And although its cheaper, the stardard of healthcare is just as good, if not better than those in developed countries. Doctors here in Asia have also been professionally trained in the West, and are the best the countries has to offer. Thanks to a favourable exchange rate, more medical tourists are choosing Asia to get a bigger bang for their buck. The U.S. dollar, the British Pound as well as the Euro are all bigger currencies compared to Asian currencies and for those coming here, get more value for their money.

As a travel destination, Asia is home to some of the most beautiful tropical and exotic locations for travels. Resting and relaxing is an important way to recuperate after a surgery and what better way to do so than enjoying a cocktail perched on a beach bench facing the open sea, in complete anonymity?

A combination of factors have lead to the increase popularity of medical tourism, and as more information becomes available, medical tourism looks set to become the way that more people are going to seek more affordable and enjoyable alternative medical treatment.